Close Encounters of the Third Kind || Heeyeon and Jangmi


It was quite obvious, based on the lady’s countenance, which by the way showed so hastily just after she had finished the bowl of porridge, that she was a woman of high status, of intellect and substance. The way she held her chin up high, her back straight as a ruler, rarely touching on the couch, with her eyes wandering once in a while, but still contemplative and with much seriousness - Heeyeon had  keenly observed all these on the lady. Quietly, but very sharply.

The woman suddenly took her purse, and in a fast pace, like she always did, she almost shoved some bills and a card into Heeyeon’s palms before she could even react, once again rendering her with a blend of confusion and amusement. Before she could even say a word, the lady once again started shooting her sentences, and, though unintentionally, it silenced Heeyeon for a while, but she was listening intently. Astounding morals. Really? A scoff was threatening to burst out from her due to the lady’s impression on her. If the girl only knew Heeyeon in depth, she would forcibly take her words back. Any people who finds out the real Ahn Heeyeon, would never ever try to say such complement to her, especially to a woman such as the one in front of her. In this world embraced with false judgments and misunderstanding, only a few could ever understand her, and Heeyeon wondered if there would be someone who could really understand her actions, her so-called morals.

Heeyeon, still lost in her thought for some time, was snapped out of it when she realized that the girl had quiet herself, and had her attention back to her, waiting for her response. Heeyeon looked down on her palm, where bills and a calling card rested. In all honesty, it was quite offending on Heeyeon’s part, to be given a payment for something she did. Yes, she may have broken morals, but she still had her pride, that one of the smallest things she’s been keeping intact. Money wasn’t something that she would willingly accept just because. And besides it would never be enough to buy what she truly desires. How can it be, if even her pure love can’t get what she wants? But she just shrugged it off. Surely she had no intention of offending her - hopefully.

“You don’t have to, miss. I can never accept such payment.” Heeyeon said, bringing the bills onto the lady’s palm, back to its rightful owner. “But this I can accept.” Raising that small piece of cardboard with text and images all over, Heeyeon hoped that she hasn’t offended the lady by refusing her monetary payment. Chae Jangmi - CEO. Heeyeon realized that she hasn’t even introduced her name yet, and seeing on the card, there was no doubt that she was of high status. A CEO at a very young age? She must surely be skillful and intellectual, and her demeanor says it so. “As for the media, yes, I don’t think i’ll ever need help on that. I am rather a mediocre citizen, nothing special that needs such advertising or whatsoever, but just in case, I’ll keep your contact for future use, Miss Jangmi.” 

“And saving  you, it’s nothing, really. Saving lives had been a part of my system.” Heeyeon added, a genuine smile creeping on her lips, but deep inside her conscience was mocking her. Really Ahn Heeyeon? Really? Heeyeon closed her eyes for a moment, maintaining her composure, as she fought against the invincible entity that was ridiculing her more than ever. “What are you doing in Haru on such hour, if I may ask? I think you’re over-fatigued. I suggest you undergo a physical check-up after this, just to make sure nothing’s really wrong with your physiology.” Heeyeon said, attempting to silence the turmoil that was slowly building up inside her mind.

"Well, if you’re sure." She shrugged and accepted her money back. But if ever you need financial assistance, just contact me and I’ll give you more than enough." Jangmi sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "Thanks for your concern, come to think of it my system is probably seriously messed up with fatigue… But I’m guessing it’s just an IV drip for me if I end up fainting and back to work again." She gave a weak what-can-you-do sort of smile.

"Nice place. You living alone? It must be lonely. I mean, I know I am." Her eyes roamed around the well-furnished apartment. Her mind wandered to her workplace… There was no work today but you could always count on Jangmi to be finding a way to work while others are resting. It was built into her system, a part of life, and she didn’t know why she did it. Perhaps in an attempt to bury the loneliness, the pain that was threatening to engulf her when she spared even a moment to think about it. Yet now she was starting to rethink her strategy.

How can I eradicate this once and for all but to face it? Working until my bones snap, going out clubbing instead of getting even the smallest amount of rest, what good will that do me? I’m the only one affected by all this… Not him." She realized how deep she was in her thoughts and suddenly found herself still in Heeyeon’s living room.

"Well, I’m sorry to keep you hanging. I’m sure you’re just waiting for me to get out of your apartment." She stood and smoothed her skirt, picking up her bag. "No need to see me out. You take care of yourself, and once again, thank you for all you’ve done," she said, walking briskly toward the door without a backward glance.

Reaching the door, she rested her hand on the knob before turning it.

"And you know what, Ahn Heeyeon-ssi? I wouldn’t mind having a friend like you."

Change || Hyunyoung & Jangmi


Hyunyoung tried her best to keep her composure. She breathed in a deep sigh and clutched her fists tightly. “I remember that. I don’t remember crying that much.” She said, emphasizing on the word that while slowly blushing. Hyunyoung looked away, embarrased while she brushed her hair with her hand.

“Anyways!” She cleared her throat and looked at the two boys. “Shall we go to Haru? I’m sure we’ve gotten to know each other quite enough.” The boys nodded and stood up. They helped the girls out of their seats and proceeded to go out to the streets.

Hyunyoung linked arms with Dongwoo and smirked. “I can’t wait to show you my dancing.” She whispered, biting her lips. She heard Dongwoo chuckle. “Wait until you see mine.” He said, slightly turning her on. “Maybe we should have a dance battle then.” She smiled, looking up at Dongwoo. “Bring it, Hyunyoungie.” He held her chin and smiled. That caught Hyunyoung off guard so she couldn’t hide her pink face. Dongwoo laughed, “You’re pretty cute.” He showed the most precious smile which made Hyunyoung smile too. 

Shiiiit. That backfired. Time to ditch that tactic. Technically I should give up, seeing as we’re already on our way to Haru… But if I’m going down, I’ll get some satisfaction out of it first." She glanced at Hyunyoung and her new companion who were already looking pretty intimate with each other. Then she got a new idea. "I guess you leave me no choice, Hyunyoung-ah… Fight fire with fire.

Taking a deep breath, she put an arm around Junhong’s waist and gently traced a line with her finger under his shirt. “So what do you do for a living?” Jangmi used as sultry a voice as she could. “You’re studying to be a lawyer? And you’re the guitarist in a band? You know, I just happen to find that really… sexy.” She whispered the last word in his ear and brushed her lips on his neck. They were walking in front of Hyunyoung and Dongwoo now, and she was counting on her friend to see Junhong squirm. “Let’s see how this turns the tide.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind || Heeyeon and Jangmi


Her serene face was of the opposite when she regained her consciousness. As if she was being hurried or so, the woman bombarded Heeyeon with questions, shooting them so hastily that even before Heeyeon could open her mouth, another question comes in. Was she always in a rush? She could have been living in a fast paced life that even the speed of her speech were fast enough to shut anyone down. Heeyeon stared at her, partly amused and baffled, and she let the woman do her queries. 

The woman devoured the simple breakfast Heeyeon insisted to her, like she was not only sleep-deprived, but hungry more than ever. Quite amusing how the lady shed her poise as she took each spoonful into her mouth. Was this office girl too busy to take any decent meal to her stomach? She seems to have all the money for a decent meal, and yet instead of eating, she opted to go to Haru instead, spending all her left energy and money on alcohol that wouldn’t make her feel better. But then what does she knows about her?

After swallowing down more spoonfuls of the porridge Heeyeon cooked, the woman placed back her attention to Heeyeon, whose smile unknowingly crept on her face as she stared at her. Heeyeon sat down beside her, and once she did, the woman rained another series of questions. “Miss, are you always that in a hurry that your speech had become affected by it as well?” Heeyeon chuckled a little. The woman need to calm herself down first. “I’ll answer you, if you’ll only ask me questions one by one dear.” Heeyeon gifted the lady with a genuine smile. 

“My name is Ahn Heeyeon. As to why I took the trouble to help you, uhmm. Let’s just say that as a medical practitioner, I felt obliged to help anyone in such situation, and especially because you’re a girl, and you’re in a place where danger lurks everywhere at that time of the night. There was no way I could leave you there all wasted.” True, anyone could have just left the pathetic woman on the floors of Haru, let her be dragged by some perverted middle aged men to brothels, or any other things that may possibly happen on this one particular street where Haru stood. But the fact that Heeyeon herself knew of these possibilities, and seeing something familiar in the lady’s eyes when she stared at her before she passed out, Heeyeon couldn’t just leave her there. No matter how deranged her conscience and morals might be right now, Heeyeon still has a heart to actually care. And maybe, just maybe in this small little ways of helping, it would neutralize her wrong doings, at least just to convince herself and to save her conscience. Undoing was her savior defense mechanism, something she often does recently to maintain her emotional and mental stability.

She paused a bit to consider the other woman’s reply. “Ahn… Heeyeon. Astounding morals… You really deserve my thanks.” She flashed a genuine smile at her new acquaintance in place of her usual serious demeanor. Gaining a new idea, Jangmi’s head snapped around when she remembered she had a purse with her the night before. She opened her mouth to ask her new acquaintance if she had seen it when she spotted it at the foot of the couch. Snatching it up and rooting around in it, she took a few bills along with her calling card and thrusted them toward Heeyeon with lightning speed so the other girl would have to take it in her confusion.

"I know this isn’t enough to express my gratitude, but I can see you appear financially stable. Use this to buy yourself something nice. And if ever you’re in a pickle, just call me." She tapped the calling card. "I don’t know if you’ll ever need help with the media," Jangmi laughed, "but I have some connections. Especially in business." A small flash of the memory of the night before came to Jangmi and she shivered. "She went through all this trouble because of my stupidity. At least, in some small way, maybe I can repay her…”

"I’m sorry if it seems like a bit much. But hey, you might have saved my life, right?" Jangmi giggled. She didn’t know why but she felt like she could loosen up a bit around this lady. She had an aura about her that made Jangmi feel… what was the word? Carefree? Maybe, but not quite. Because she was convinced she would never feel completely free again…

Scanning the living room of the apartment, Jangmi saw that the way everything hung together gave the place a cozy kind of feel. They say a person’s house can tell you a lot about them. Her eyes fell on a loose picture of the woman - Ahn Heeyeon - and what she assumed were friends from work. “Oh, right, she works in medicine.” She squinted at the picture. “A nurse? So what was she doing in a place like Haru?”As her thoughts formed, she realized how hypocritical they were. “Well, I don’t sound like the kind of person likely to patronize places like that either. Everyone has their guilty pleasures." Jangmi sighed and turned back to Heeyeon, waiting for her reaction.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind || Heeyeon and Jangmi


The steam from the small cooking pot provided warmed to Heeyeon, as she continued to stir the simmering porridge. It has been a while since she found herself in her kitchen. During the past months, all that she’s been filling her were, if not alcohol and other goods from Haru, then some instant ramyeon which could be easily bought in a convenient store nearby - a very unhealthy lifestyle for some health care professional like her. Heeyeon realized that this could probably be the reason why she feels these changes going on within her body. Perhaps its time for her to at least have something decent to eat, if she want to spare her health.

Just as the porridge was cooked, Heeyeon poured the content of the small pot to a porcelain bowl. While placing it on the counter top, waiting to cool, she took a glimpse of the figure on her couch. The lady was peacefully sleeping, and with her soft murmurs and slow deep breathing, Heeyeon could see that she is indeed exhausted, as if she was deprived months of sleep. Observing from her clothing, Heeyeon could guess that she is some sort of an office girl or even someone of high status, and she wondered what could she be doing in Haru when she should be getting sleep that she direly needs.

Speaking of Haru, a funny thought crossed her mind when she remembered what happened earlier. Taecyeon, one of Haru’s bouncers, who was already going out from his duty, saw the two ladies, one knocked out in the other’s lap. Heeyeon could exactly remember his frantic face when she saw the lady’s unconscious state. He was panicking to a point when he wanted to do CPR on the lady, and even tried to call an ambulance. But unknown to Taecyeon that she was a nurse, Heeyeon knew better of what to do in such situation. She assessed the lady, checking her breathing, pulses, pupils and such, while Taecyeon stood on the side, confusion set on his eyes as he observed what she’s doing. Just a few assessment, and Heeyeon concluded that it was only due to fatigue brought about by stress, and nothing life-threatening. She then decided to just let the lady stay in her apartment to rest a bit. There was no harm in bringing a stranger to her apartment. And judging by her face, she seems harmless. With the help of Taecyeon, who was still debating with Heeyeon to rush the woman to a nearby hospital, she was able to bring the lady to her place.

A soft moan caught Heeyeon’s attention, and she saw the lady regaining her consciousness. Looking from side to side, the girl was rather alarmed, realizing that she is in an unfamiliar place, and with an unfamiliar face. Heeyeon took the bowl of rice porridge as she approached the lady. “Good morning. Here’s a bowl of rice porridge I made. Come on, eat it while it’s hot. It’ll help you feel better.” Heeyeon said, displaying that one distinctive smile of hers.

Blinking her bleary eyes, trying to clear the morning blur away faster, Jangmi found herself in somewhere she had never seen before. A quick assessment of her surroundings told her that she was on a couch in a cozy-looking apartment. A stranger, and yet a somehow familiar-looking woman greeted her good morning and offered her a bowl of rice porridge. “Good… morning,” she greeted the woman, shifting into a sitting position and looking up at her awkwardly. “Sorry. Um, where am I? I’m guessing this is your house? Why am I here - wait…”

Jangmi racked her brains, trying to remember the events of the previous night. Slowly the fragments came to her and she pieced the story together. “Oh, my God. I am so sorry. This is really embarrassing… Thank you so much for everything you’ve done.” She remembered the breakfast the woman was still holding out in front of her. “Oh no, I can’t impose. You’ve done enough just by taking care of me here… ” As the lady negated her and insisted she take the bowl, she had to give in. Shoveling down spoon after spoon of porridge, she realized just how hungry she was.

How long has it been since I had a proper meal? I’ve been so busy I’ve forgotten what it feels like… I can afford to eat as much as I like, even the grandest and richest fare out there. But whatever I buy, I can’t savor it. Even the most expensive thing you can think of in a fancy upper-class restaurant, I’d be sure to be eating it surrounded by people who are only bribing me… Even lunch with my closest friends, how often can I enjoy that?

Upon reflection, she realized how much she lacked sleep too. “Come to think of it, I haven’t felt this well-rested in ages… No interruptions, no rush to get up in the morning, no one pestering me and calling me for last-minute adjustments. How long have I been this busy working in the corporate world?”

"How long have I been missing out on life?"

Lost deep in her musings, Jangmi was jolted back to reality when she remembered the mysterious woman patiently standing before her. “Sorry. Look at me, I really am a sight. Don’t tell the press about any of this or they’ll be here at the snap of your fingers like a pack of wolves,” she chuckled. Since when did I tell jokes to people I don’t know? “Anyway, thank you so much for your hospitality, even the porridge. Please sit down. I’m really really sorry to be a burden, it’s just… What’s your name? What do you do for a living, if you don’t mind my asking?” She paused, realizing another question she’d like to ask. “Why did you go through all this trouble just to make sure I made it in one piece? You could have just left me on the floor of 하루 and had a good night’s sleep without a care. Why did you bother?”

Change || Hyunyoung & Jangmi


Hyunyoung turned her body towards Junhong. “Are you really?” She asked, placing her chin on her palms and smiling like there’s no tomorrow. From the corner of her eye, she saw Dongwoo “shoot” Junghong with his hands. “Come on, tell a joke.” Winking, she asked Junhong.

Not forgetting about Dongwoo, Hyunyoung wrapped her arm around his broad shoulders and pulled him close. “Let’s listen to your friend now, baby.” She whispered, making him blush. Dongwoo nodded and awkwardly looked at his friend. “Go on, honey, tell us a joke.” She insisted Jonghun. “Oh, okay. Let’s see….” Junhong racked his head and thought of a joke. While waiting, Hyunyoung kept whispering to Dongwoo and giggling. Dongwoo, on the other hand, kept getting redder and redder.

A sideward glance told Jangmi that Junhong - he was the one who asked them out in the first place, she realized - was trying to think of a joke and making dismal attempts at stalling. Suddenly an idea lit up in her mind. How long do I have to keep up this act? She groaned mentally.

"Like, omigod boys! I have something to share first~ How’s this for funny?" Giggle. "Hyunnie, do you remember that one time back in high school? We were in second year, I think. And like, omigod wait I can’t finish what I’m saying I’m laughing too hard!" Enter her best fake "uncontrollable" giggling. Come on, Jangmi… This needs to be believable for it to work… “Like, anyways, boys, we were walking in the canteen, just chilling and stuff, when she saw this guy she had a huuuge crush on! I think his name was like, Jonghyun or something? Anyways like, she super freaked out. She tried to keep it inside but when they walked past each other she just totally spilled her orange juice all over the guy!”

"And yeah, so like he looked at her all disgusted and stuff and told all his friends after. All the way until we got to my house she was crying on my shoulder saying her life was over!" She burst into fake guffaws again.

"But it was funny, huh? Right, Hyunnie?" She looked expectantly at her friend.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind || Heeyeon and Jangmi


Being summoned to Haru after a shift wasn’t much of a great deal to Once she had freed herself from the crowd, away from the rowdy people, and outside of Haru, Heeyeon fished out her mobile to answer the incoming call. As expected, it was the youngest. “Sungie-ah! I——” A rough force stopped Heeyeon from her track, and it left her almost unbalanced. “Yah! Watch where you’re going!” It was the first thing that came into her mind when she felt the pain starting to radiate over her body, but looking towards the person she had bumped into, her anger transformed into worry. A lady, dressed in a sleek but formal attire, with expensive looking bag and stilettos, dragged herself rather carelessly. She doesn’t need a doctor’s eye to know what’s going to happen next, and she predicted it well. The lady’s eyes hovered to her. Her stare turned into a bleak one, and as soon as it did, Heeyeon rushed to her side, fast enough to catch her limp body as it surrendered to gravity. Both stumbled into the ground, and Heeyeon shook the lady’s body, hoping to arouse the consciousness that was starting to depart from her. 

No one can ever catch her tired. Bosses, underlings, associates, coworkers, family, friends over the years could never solve the mystery that is Chae Jangmi. No matter her hectic duties, her personal problems, Jangmi is never harried. She always appears at the top of her game.

Except today.

Everyone can see that something’s off, but they can’t quite pinpoint what it is. People don’t realize that what exactly is in the slight drag in her walk, the manic look in her eyes where alertness used to be, the slight snap in her voice even when addressing people she would treat with gentleness. To explain it is to use a word nonexistent in Jangmi’s vocabulary: Stress.

"Ms. Chae?" A head shyly peeked through the gap in her half-open office door. "W-well… We’re going out after work… And we were thinking… Well, since it’s bosses’ day…" "Hyojung?" At least I think that’s her name. "Yes, Ms. Chae?" The girl squeaked, afraid. Jangmi gave her a small smile. "I’m down." I need a break.

A few hours later, she’s unrecognizable. Separated somehow from her acquaintances, stumbling around and out of her senses. Maybe one drink too many in her system. Let’s just say that if anyone got pictures of her during the past hour, her career would be in utter shame. In the crowd, now right in front of her, Jangmi caught sight of a stylishly dressed woman strutting through the throng holding a cellphone to her ear.

Please help me even if I’m a mess, was her last conscious thought.

Hyunyoung begged me to try this a couple weeks back at the usual cafe. This stuff is apple pie in a glass. 

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Change || Hyunyoung & Jangmi


Hyunyoung stared at her friend. Is this for real? Is she… is she imitating me? Well, the old me… Still! Ugh! Chae Jangmi, just what are you planning. Hyunyoung eyed her friend as if shooting laser beams at her. She shook off the feeling and smiled widely at the two men. “We’d love to.” She said, in the most seductive way she can. You want to play a game? I can sure play that game.

Hyunyoung pulled one of the guy’s arms. “Sit down with us for a while?” She made a cute whiny sound. The two men couldn’t resist and sat down beside the girls. “I’m Hyunyoung, by the way. Jung Hyunyoung.” She chuckled, whispering into one of the guy’s ear. The man took a deep breath and introduced himself. “I-I’m Dongwoo” He awkwardly said, unable to look at her. “Dongwoo? That’s such a cute name~” Hyunyoung smiled, her face just inches away from his. Hyunyoung started playing with his hair and took a glance at Jangmi. Her eyes widened and looked at her again. JUST WHAT IS THIS GIRL DOING?

She tried to keep the dorky goofy smile on her face as Hyunyoung beckoned the two guys to sit with them. “Aish. Backfired. I’ll just have to keep this up…" Jangmi looked out of the corner of her eye at the one who sat beside her. "He’s actually cute. It’s a shame to have to turn him off like this, but desperate times call for desperate measures.” She took a deep breath. “Like omigod, you’re like soooo cute~ And your hair, is it like, natural or did you dye it? Teeheehee it’s SO CURLY~!” She reached out to grab one of his locks and twirl it around her finger.

"Oh, I like forgot to introduce myself! Silly me." She giggled, to her own chagrin. "I’m Chae Jangmi, yes, Jangmi meaning flower, because I’m pretty, nice to meet you~ So like, what’s your name?" Jangmi looked at him expectantly. He looked like he was dragged here with his companion and wasn’t expecting this scenario. "Just call me Junhong."

"Junhong? What kind of name is that? THAT’S A FUNNY NAME!!" She turned to her friend. "Hyunnie, this guy is funny! This is like sooo fun~" Bouncing up and down and clapping her hands, she waited with a bit of nervousness for her reaction. Bring it on, Jung Hyunyoung.